SCCA Press Release

The official press release issued by SSCA on Dec 28th, 2023

SCCA Policy Overview Webinar

Policy walkthrough webinar on December 30th, 2023

Simple overview

A short video in Arabic explaining who this policy is for and the requirements for application.

Immigration Resources

Here you will find immigration resources that will help you with your application


Frequently asked questions about the policy for the new Immigration Pathway for Sudanese to Canada

Official IRCC Policy

This is the official policy issued by the IRCC. Please refer to it for more detailed instructions and important updates.

IRCC Latest updates

Here you will find the latest updates from the IRCC regarding this policy

Application tracker

A platform that is used to collect any issues/challenges or even joys encountered when applying

Useful information

Here you will find useful information when filling your forms in the PR Portal

Useful Information

Here you will find useful information, collected as we go, that will help you when filling the forms in your PR Portal

National ID Expiry Dates

Sudan’s National ID cards do not have Expiry dates. This field is a required field when filling the IMM 0008 form in the PR Portal.

IRCC’s tip from their Help Center 

Sudan's postal codes

Here is a list of Postal codes of Sudan. 

Download as pdf here

Simple Overview

IRCC Latest Updates

In the latest meeting with the IRCC, on February 9th,  there are new updates to this family reunification policy.

The document is available for download in pdf file here.

Application Tracker

نحن مجلس الجمعيات السودانية الكندية (SCCA) نسعى
لتسهيل عملية لم الشمل للسودانيين من خلال توفير منصة تجمع بيانات وتجارب الأفراد
الذين يخوضون هذه الرحلة 

سيتم استخدام المعلومات المجمعة لفهم التحديات الشائعة
IRCC  والعمل  مع 

لإيجاد حلول تسهل وتسرع من عمليات لم الشمل
نحتاج منكم المشاركة بمعلوماتكم وتجاربكم من خلال الإجابة على أسئلة النموذج التالية

:الخصوصية والأمان
نؤكد لكم أن جميع المعلومات المقدمة ستُعامل بسرية
تامة ولن تُشارك إلا في إطار جهودنا لتحسين عملية لم الشمل. إذا كنتم تفضلون عدم
مشاركة بعض المعلومات، يرجى ترك السؤال فارغًا

رابط المنصة هنا

SCCA Policy Overview webinar

December 30th, 2023

Simple Policy Overview

A short video in Arabic explaining who this policy is for and the requirements for application.

Useful Information

This is the latest information we have as of the date of this post.

Please note that the certificate can be issued in English. Ask in the city/town where you are residing now before you start the process.

  • Attbara: issued in English and takes half an hour الادلة الجنائيه عطبرة الشرقي, Cost SDG 3060
  • Portsudan: costs more; data sent to Attbara for verification and returned to you in Port Sudan
  • Gadarif

Please refer back to the official website of CIC, for a list of Panel Physicians for the medical checkup in your current country.

Here are some suggested accessible locations to get your medical checkup if you are in Sudan. 

  • Kassala -IOM
  • Uganda-IOM this is suggested because Uganda as a country is an accessible and cheaper option for Sudanese nationals.
  • Egypt:

    The following Panel Physicians are available, ordered by city:


    • Dr. Eman KAMAL SABET
      Address: Anglo-American Hospital,
      3 El Borg Street, Gezira,
      Telephone: + 20227356608
      Mobiles: +201224463734;
      Spoken Languages: Arabic, English
    • IOM MHAC Cairo Egypt
      Address: Mekkah Medical Centre,
      8 Abdelkawy street,
      Email: / (This panel physician or clinic provides services paid by Interim Federal Health Program.)
      Telephone: + 02 (2) 33357904
      Spoken Languages: Arabic, English
    • Dr. Peter SADEK
      Address: Anglo American Hospital,
      3 El Borg Street, Gezira, Cairo 11211 Egypt,
      Telephone: + 20 (2) 2735 6608
      Spoken Languages: Arabic, English

This is the latest information we have as of the date of this post.

  • Port Sudan
  • Dongola 
  • Merowe 
  • Kosti 
  • Attbara
  • Gadarif

Documents to be translated are birth certificates, marriage certificates and police background check certificates.

Your anchor in Canada can do the translation for your documents.

Additionally, authorized translation offices outside Canada are accepted.

Here is a collection of information to help you with travelling to Uganda, if you are currently in Sudan, to complete your application.

Entry to Uganda

  • Sudanese nationals need an Evisa to enter Uganda for 45 days. Its an easy process that costs around USD$111.50. 
    Processing time 5 business days. 
    Required for visa purchase:
  • Accommodation details (e.g., your hotel or host)
  • Passport details and contact information
  • Credit or debit card for payment
  • Official website for application:


Currency in Uganda: 

USD$100: 380186.90 USh (Ugandan Shilling)

Living costs in Uganda

  • Rental: 1 bedroom average Price for Jul 2023: USh 500,000 per month = USD$131.51
  • A family of four estimated monthly costs are USD$1,958.6 (7,394,532.2USh) without rent.
  •  A single person estimated monthly costs are USD$559.30 (2,111,526.4USh) without rent.


Here is a collection of information to help you with travelling to Ethiopia, if you are currently in Sudan, to complete your application

Entry to Ethiopia:

  • E-visa or from the border at Algalabat (faster than online), costs around USD$80, you will also need a police clearance from Gadarif.
  • From the border, a bus trip to the nearest city with an airport, Ghondor. From there, a direct flight to Addis Ababa. Around 3-4 flights a day costs around USD$50
  • Visa renewal for 30 days USD$100
  • Requirements: valid passport
  • Official website for application:

Currency in Ethiopia

USD$100=5,588.1748 Ethiopian Birrs

Living costs in Ethiopia

  • Rental: 2 bedroom min USD$400
  • Cost of living:
    A family of four estimated monthly costs are CAD$3,476.6 (USD$2,554.3) without rent
    A single person’s estimated monthly costs are CAD$1,045.5 (USD$768.1) without rent.
  • Rent in Addis Ababa is, on average, 67.7% lower than in Toronto.

Biometrics data are collected as part of most immigration programs. For this pathway, biometric requirements are not required at the time of application submission. Details will be sent to the applicant later.

Below is a list of known locations for biometrics collection in countries near/accessible to Sudan, as of the date of this post.

Otherwise, look for biometric data centers in the country you are residing in now. Use the official website of the Canadian government to find the center in your city.

  • Uganda: Canada Visa Application Center – Kampala Plot 41-59 Mackenzie Vale, Kololo, Kampala Kampala, Uganda.
  • Ethiopia: Visa Application Centre, International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Addis Ababa”, Kirkos Subcity, Woreda 08, Road to UNECA, Behind Zequala complex, YeMez building, Addis Ababa, 25283 code 1000,
  • Egypt: Canada Visa Application Centre, 44, Office #G, 2nd Floor, Giza Residence Tower, In front of state council Dokki


**Disclaimer: The following are not endorsed by the SCCA. Eligible individuals can apply to this family reunification program WITHOUT the use of a consultant or lawyer.
Legal Resources

Name: Muslim Legal Support Center

Role: Lawyers



Fees: Free for low-income individuals, can provide support in multiple provinces

Name: Scarborough Community Legal Clinic

Role: Lawyers


Tel: +1 416-438-7182 (Intake line)

Name: Arab Community Center of Toronto- ACCT


Etobicoke Office: 416-231-7746 ext. 221

Scarborough Office: 647-341-2722 ext. 201

Khalid Guiliana 

Notary Commissioner


Cell phone: 647-446-7747

Fees: Free of charge, except translation

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that are updated regularly. They have been answered and reviewed by the legal team, following the policy from the official Government of Canada’s website.


Who is eligible for this policy?

Foreign nationals affected by the conflict in Sudan, residing in Sudan as of April 15, 2023, who have a family member in Canada.

What is the residency intent requirement?

Applicants must intend to live outside the province of Quebec.

What is an anchor?

An anchor is a family member. residing in Canada, who will support your application

Who qualifies as a family member in Canada?

Family members include children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, or common-law partners.

What is the purpose of this policy?

This policy aims to provide a safe and permanent residence option for Sudanese nationals affected by the conflict, with family ties in Canada.

Can the Canadian family member be a permanent resident or citizen?

Yes, the family member in Canada, acting as an anchor, must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

What is the policy's effectiveness period?

The policy is in effect from February 27, 2024, to February 26, 2025.

Are there any health requirements?

Yes, applicants must undergo a medical examination.

Is knowledge of English or French required?

The document does not explicitly state a language requirement.

What are the responsibilities of the Canadian anchor??

The anchor must provide financial support, assist with integration (including orientation, accommodation, enrolling in programs, finding employment), and submit a statutory declaration attesting to these commitments.

Can principal applicants be in Canada at the time of application?

Yes, the policy includes conditions for principal applicants who are already in Canada.

What about family members of the principal applicant?

The policy also covers accompanying family members, both outside and in Canada, meeting certain conditions.

Can I reapply for my brother who was twice refused and dependent on our father?

Yes, if the brother meets the eligibility criteria of the new policy, you can reapply.

Can I apply for my mother and younger brother who left Sudan for Qatar before the conflict?

Yes, if they meet the eligibility criteria and were affected by the conflict. For example, they were visiting family in Qatar during Ramadan and intended to come back to Sudan but were trapped by the conflict.

Can I apply for my mother who left Sudan for Egypt post-conflict?

Yes, if she meets the eligibility criteria.

Can newcomers still waiting for acceptance apply for their families, or must they have obtained PR first?

The Anchor (sponsor) must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Seems necessary to obtain PR first.

Do people who have received acceptance and conducted PR procedures qualify for this decision?

The anchor (sponsor) must have obtained PR in Canada to be eligible for sponsorship.

Can I apply for my brothers living in the Gulf countries?

The policy is intended for those affected by the conflict in Sudan with relatives in Canada. Check eligibility guidelines for Gulf residents.

Is a person who obtained disaster residence after the war eligible to apply?

Policy is directed at those affected by the conflict in Sudan and who were residents there on April 15, 2023.

If I have UAE residence but witnessed the war with family members, am I eligible to apply?

Must have been a resident in Sudan on April 15, 2023, for eligibility. If you have residency in a third country is not considered eligible by itself.

Can I apply for a Sudanese person who lived outside Sudan for the last two years before the war started?

Eligible applicants must have been residing in Sudan on April 15, 2023.

Can dual passport holders who lived in Sudan before the war apply?

They have to meet eligibility criteria for residency and have no reasonable prospect, within a reasonable period, of a durable solution in a country other than Canada or Sudan.

Can I bring my nephews/nieces without their parents?

The policy primarily focuses on immediate family members. Extended family members like nephews/nieces may not be directly eligible unless under specific circumstances. For example, if a sibling has passed away, you can sponsor your nieces and nephews (if they meet family definition criteria) or their widows/widowers so long as they have not remarried. Please see parts 1 and 2 under question 7 here:

Can I bring 20 family members?

The policy does not specify a limit on the number of family members but is subject to the overall cap of 3,250 applications and the anchor's ability to meet financial requirements for all.

If a family traveled from Sudan before the war started, are they included in the decision?

If they were residing in Sudan on April 15, 2023; and traveled for vacation for example they are included in the decision as long as they can prove their residency in Sudan.

Can I apply for my daughter living in UAE whose work contract might end any time?

Eligible applicants must have been residing in Sudan on April 15, 2023. If your daughter meets this condition, you can apply.

When can I add my son living in Turkey?

Son can apply as either a principal applicant or an accompanying family member if they meet the eligibility requirement

Can a Canadian citizen not currently residing in Canada apply for their eligible relatives?

A Canadian citizen must be residing in Canada and outside Quebec to be eligible for sponsorship.

Can brothers residing in Gulf countries with temporary work contracts apply?

Brothers can apply if they meet eligibility requirements applicable to principal applicants outside Canada.

Can an unmarried sister be added to the application of one of the married brothers?

Accompanying family members should meet the definition of a family member according to immigration law, which does not include a sister. please refer to the eligibility requirements applicable to family members in the policy.

Can students apply to bring their parents?

The Anchor has to be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen

Can Canadian citizens residing outside Canada apply?

The Anchor must be residing in Canada, outside of the province of Quebec.

Can I sponsor my parents who have a U.S. green card but are still in Sudan?

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirement of residing in Sudan on April 15, 2023, and is a person in respect of whom there is no reasonable prospect, within a reasonable period, of a durable solution in a country other than Canada or Sudan.

Is it better for my family to stay in Sudan or move elsewhere for the application?

Staying in Sudan is not mandatory for applying, but they must have been residents there on April 15, 2023, to meet the eligibility conditions.

Can I apply for my brother and his family stuck in Sudan, but two daughters are in Egypt for studies?

Yes, you can sponsor the entire family if they meet the eligibility criteria and your brother was a resident in Sudan on April 15, 2023.

Can I sponsor my sister and her family?

Yes, if your sister and her family meet the eligibility criteria and you meet the sponsor's conditions.

Can brothers in Gulf countries with temporary work contracts apply?

they have to meet eligibility requirements applicable to principal applicants outside Canada.

Can an unmarried sister be included in a married brother's application?

No, because she doesn't meet family definition for principle applicant (your brother ) she can apply in a separate application.

Can a person without capable brothers or sisters sponsor a second-degree relative's family?

It depends on the definition of family within the specified policy conditions.

Can I sponsor my brother who has residency in Saudi Arabia but was in Sudan during the war?

He should meet the eligibility criteria, including residing in Sudan on April 15, 2023;

Does the IRCC intend for reside to mean physically present in Sudan on April 15, 2023 or ordinary residing?

Residency is not a physical presence, please refer to the policy for detailed requirements.

Documentation and Proof

Does a difference in the date of birth in the passport and other documents matter?

Yes, inconsistencies in documentation can affect the application. It's crucial to provide correct and consistent information across all documents.

How to prove the relationship if there is a slight difference in siblings' names?

Documentation proving the relationship, such as birth certificates or other legal documents, should be provided. Slight name differences can usually be explained with supplementary documents.

What documents are needed for family members?

Required documents include passports, birth certificates, and possibly police certificates or other relevant legal documents.

How to process applications for those who left Sudan after the war without a birth certificate?

Alternative documentation proving identity and relationship may be accepted if standard documents like birth certificates are unavailable.

Is the tax notice for the year 2022 or 2023?

Not specified in the documents. Refer to official Canadian government guidelines.

For people who went to Egypt illegally after the war, how do we prove their entry into Egypt?

Applicants are required to submit documents that verify their identity and status. For case-specific guidance, please consult your Immigration Consultant.

If some people don't have birth certificates, what is acceptable proof for family relationships?

Other documents include marriage certificates, family records, or identity certificates showing family ties.

Is a police certificate required from Sudan if it is impossible for people to return there or send fingerprints?

The policy didn't specify any exemption from Police certificates due to the situation in Sudan now, therefore it is still required.

Can I apply for my two-year-old nephew who does not have a passport?

The nephew could be included as part of the principal applicant application if they meet the family definition, other documents could be provided if he doesn't have a passport or travel document; please refer to the policy for acceptable documents.

Once a foreign national without a passport obtains PR, will Canada issue a travel document for them?

Not Mentioned in the policy now; more details and clarifications are expected to be included in the application guide.

For the trust fund option, what financial documentation will IRCC require to establish and corroborate funds?

A document that a Canadian financial institution issues to prove the funds are available in a bank account.

Application Process

How should applicants apply?

Applicants must apply online. If unable to apply online, alternative methods are provided.

Are there any application fees?

Yes, fees for processing and biometrics are applicable.

Can I apply before February 27, 2024?

The policy is effective from February 27, 2024. Applications cannot be submitted before this date.

For a woman aged 60+, what is the best way to apply?

The best method depends on individual circumstances, including health and work capacity. Consult an immigration lawyer for the optimal option.

How can I apply for my sister, her husband, and their children still in Sudan?

The Principal Applicant (Your sister) shall apply online through the Canadian immigration site or she may use a representative, she needs to provide all required documents and proofs.

Should a separate application be submitted for each person or can one application be submitted for everyone?

It depends on the relationship between the individuals and the specific conditions in the public policy.

Can I make a single application that includes all brothers and sisters and their children, considering the budget for everyone?

Each principal applicant should have a separate application with their accompanying family members to clarify the fund /income required and sponsorship responsibilities.

Can a detailed explanation of the decision be provided?

Yes, refer to the relevant authorities or a legal advisor for a detailed explanation.

Can I make a single application for all brothers, sisters, and their children?

Each individual or family unit should submit a separate application.

Submission and Processing time

Will the program close after 3,250 applications are accepted?

Yes, the policy will end on February 26, 2025, or when 3,250 applications are processed, whichever comes first.

How long does it take to process the application after acceptance? Are there facilitations for passport procedures, fingerprinting, and medical examination?

Processing time varies by case and follows the standard procedures of Canadian immigration. There may be facilitations in certain cases.

Who is responsible for completing the form and online application on the IRCC website? Should it be the principal applicant or the anchor?

The principal applicant should complete the PR application or he can authorize his family member or paid representative to apply for him, but he/she needs to sign an authorization form to be able to do that .

Financial Requirements

Are there financial requirements for the Canadian anchor?

Yes, the anchor must meet specific financial requirements, detailed in the document under Options A, B, or C in Annex C of the official policy.

I am not employed; can I apply if my family income is sufficient?

The policy requires the Canadian family member (anchor) to meet specific financial requirements. If the family income meets these requirements, it is possible to apply.

What support must the family member in Canada provide?

The family member must provide financial support and assistance for basic needs and integration, without compensation.

I’m not working, can my husband who is working apply for my family members?

Yes, you have to be the anchor, but you and your husband must meet the financial requirements and co-sign the declaration.

Can I apply for my family using my husband's income and tax report if I am not working and have a joint account with him?

Yes, if the husband meets the financial requirements of the public policy, however, you have to be the Anchor (Sponsor), and your husband should co-sign the declaration.

Can I find a guarantor if I don't have an income?

The policy requires the sponsor to provide financial support.

If I want to sponsor my brother with a family of three, is it considered sponsoring one or four people?

Your brother will be the principal applicant and his family (Wife and kids) will be family members in the same application.

What are the options for meeting financial requirements?

Options include minimum necessary income (Option A), minimum necessary funds held in a Canadian financial institution (Option B), or a combination of income and funds (Option C).

Is the financial fund (fund) locked and cannot be used after acceptance?

The financial amount must remain available in the account as a guarantee until acceptance. No specific information on using the funds post-acceptance.

Whose name should be on the guarantor's trust fund account?

The bank account should be under the name of the Anchor residing in Canada, who meets the financial conditions.

If my income comes from a private company I own and I haven't set a salary for myself, is the net income of the company considered?

Yes, the net income of the company can be considered as a reference for financial ability, as long as it is documented and appears in the tax return.

If I am not working, can I apply using my husband's tax return? And can my sister and her children under ten years come?

Yes, if your husband meets the financial requirements to be a sponsor and your sister and her children meet the other eligibility conditions.

If I have more than one brother, each with a family, do I need a separate trust fund account for each family?

It is preferable to have a separate trust fund account for each family to clarify the financial commitments of each sponsor. Please follow the instructions that will be in the application guide.

If I am currently receiving social assistance, can someone else not residing in Canada deposit the required amount?

The anchor should meet eligibility requirements, which include not receiving social assistance. If the anchor meets the eligibility criteria they can include financial support from individuals outside Canada as long as it is NOT compensation from the sponsored family.

Is income considered based on the income declared for taxes only, or can a current salary certificate be used as proof of income?

The tax return should be used as the primary reference for income, but salary certificates can be used as additional support.

Can non-working individuals in Canada benefit from this policy?

Yes, if they meet other sponsorship requirements, including financial conditions through relatives or financial assets.

Is the required amount for sponsorship per family or per individual?

The amount is determined based on the number of family members according to the financial requirements of the policy.

What are the requirements for opening a trust fund account, and are there specific banks recognized?

Open a bank account that meets the policy requirements, usually accepted from recognized banks in Canada. Check with relevant authorities.

Does the trust fund account have to be in the sponsor's name residing in Canada, or can it be in someone's name in the U.S.?

The account should be in the name of the sponsor residing in Canada who is providing the support commitments.

If my income comes from a private company and I haven't set a salary, is the net income considered?

Yes, the net income of the company can be considered if it is documented and appears in the tax return.

With multiple brothers each with a family, do I need separate trust fund accounts for each?

It’s preferable to have separate trust fund accounts for each family to clarify financial commitments. Please refer to the application guide when the application opens for the trust fund account requirement for each application.

Can someone else not in Canada deposit the required amount if I'm receiving social assistance?

The anchor should not be receiving social assistance for a reason other than disability and meets the financial requirement as described under Option A, B, or C of Annex C. With Option B, funds could be contributed from the community or other family or friends within or outside Canada as long as the anchor meets other requirements.

With my low income, can I sponsor two brothers, one with a family of five and the other alone? How does having a large amount in my account affect my current status with the government?

The sponsor must have sufficient funds to support all the sponsored individuals. If the funds are from other sources, the origin of the funds must be clarified and the ability to financially support demonstrated.

Can my husband sponsor my siblings even though I'm not working?

Your husband can sign the statuary declaration agreeing to financially support your family if you do not meet the financial requirements.

Settlement Support

Is there a specified period for supporting the person I sponsor?

Yes, the sponsor (anchor) must provide financial and integration support for at least one year as per the policy requirements.

If a family with local student children, can they apply for educational support (OSAP)?

No specific information about OSAP in the policy. Check OSAP conditions for eligibility.

Specific circumstances and Exceptions

Can I apply for my daughter and granddaughter residing in the UAE?

The policy is for those affected by the conflict in Sudan. Your daughter and granddaughter's eligibility would depend on their connection to Sudan and the conflict. If they had been residing in the UAE long-term prior to the conflict, they are not eligible. If they fled to the UAE after the conflict or had been visiting there at the outbreak of the conflict (eg. visiting family during Ramadan or seeking medical care prior to April 15, 2023), then they can apply

Can my mother, previously refused asylum in Canada, benefit from the new policy?

Her eligibility would depend on current circumstances and meeting the policy's criteria, including residency in Sudan during the conflict.

If a person is receiving welfare at the time of this decision announcement, can they stop receiving benefits and apply?

Not specified in the documents. Refer to the current rules of welfare and sponsorship conditions.

If the brother or nephew has autism or a mental disability, can he be sponsored if he was in Sudan during the war?

Yes, people with disabilities can be sponsored if they meet the residency and familial relationship conditions of the public policy.

If my brother is deceased, can I sponsor his wife and children?

Yes, you can sponsor widows and orphans (younger than 22 years old) under the public policy.

If sponsoring about 5 people requiring $60,000, does this amount need to be spent or just a guarantee in the account?

There are three options for the anchor to prove the financial support. Please refer to the financial support option for further details.

Can I apply for my brother only and then bring his children after obtaining permanent residence?

The brother can apply for himself and then consider the possibility of bringing his family members after obtaining permanent residence, according to the required conditions. Still, the required funds for the application will include his non-accompanying family members.

Can two sisters jointly sponsor their sister and her family of five?

Only the anchor and his/her spouse can sponsor their family members together, but sisters can contribute to the required fund to sponsor the family members.

If my brother and his wife passed away, can I sponsor their children and submit the application in the son's name as the primary applicant with his family?

The Policy does not mention the nice and nephews as part of the principal applicants' eligible to apply; more clarification will be provided if they can be eligible with IRCC.

Can IRCC list all possible members, such as step-siblings, half-siblings, etc, in the instructions to avoid confusion?

More details and clarifications are expected to be included in the application guide.

Medical and Security Screening

Will selected applicants receive health insurance like OHIP?

Applicants will have access to health services in Canada, but specifics like OHIP coverage will depend on provincial regulations.

Anchor's Residency

For Quebec residents, if the anchor moves to another province, does it solve the residency issue for the past tax year?

The anchor must reside outside Quebec. No specific clarification on whether relocation solves the issue.

For Quebec residents, how can we add Quebec to this decision?

No specific information on influencing this policy, but you can communicate with Canadian immigration offices or government representatives.